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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paperback table

Here's a 'novel' twist for a  table...........

Inspired by the classic penguin paperback cover, I thought this design would make a unique table top. I had this modern standard coffee table from a while back, I'd painted the legs but left the top, there was no interest in it like that so how about a make over?

I had in my mind to do this book cover on a larger, maybe bulkier table but decided to try it on this one. So it got a coat or two of primer then the orange and off white areas got painted on.

I OHP'd the design to get the positioning right, but drew it on to paper taped to the table  so I could tidy it up ready to trace, then transfer it

If you look carefully  you can see the lettering showing through at the top of the design where I got carried away and painted the words before I'd painted the background! (dur!)

The title of the book had to be decided and a quick look at the Internet revealed orange Penguin covers with titles like A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Breakfast at Tiffany's  by Truman Capote, and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Now I don't mind a bit of lettering but let's try and be as economical as possible with the fiddly bits eh? It was with some relief  I found Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, not too long and contemporary thanks to the (fairly) recent film.

A bit more tracing and concentration then and it was done,

Gives a whole new meaning to coffee table book doesn't it ?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Featured for the first time and funky table!

I am delighted to say that photos from my blog have been featured on this lovely Brazillian lady's blog! Tema d casa .Very flattering! thank you