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Monday, 30 May 2011

as Confucious said........

On Saturday, I had a great time at my first market! in my tiny stall, good job I haven't got a cat cos there was no room to know where I'm going with that!

writing a tag, not rolling a ciggie
The atmosphere was great with nearly everyone being first timers and lots of different stuff on sale. It is an initiative to try and rejuvenate part of the local area so everyone was really positive and up for  a good day, even the rain stayed away! 
I am pleased to say I sold everything except the dressing table so it was a very good debut for Smithy's, one little old lady even wanted to buy my radio!  (I didn't sell it to her)
There was a lot of interest in my furniture which was encouaging and some very complimentary things were said about it.
Had a good deal of support from my son, who even delivered a table to a nice young lady  (I wonder if that had anything to do with it) who lived close by, and of course my wife, they both enjoyed it as much as me I suspect.  
 A small but significant triumph then and, as Confucious said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."................I make him right.
So all in all very pleased, now I've got two weeks to get more ready to sell, (bought this chest of drawers today)

and started work on this table,

I don't know what the previous owners used it for but it may have had something to do with bashing something on it with a hammer repeatedly!

we can only wonder.................


  1. Pete that was exactly what I thought before I read the caption "rolling a ciggie". Great job on the furniture and having a market stall. Sandy

  2. Congratulations Pete. glad the markets went well. your little stall looks great. good luck prepping for the next one.
    cheers Fiona

  3. also Pete can you change your blogger reply settings so when you leave a comment on other blogs we can reply to you (only if you want). on your dashboard click on edit profile then check the little box next to "show my email address". this doesnt show your email address on your blog, only when you leave a comment it means the person can reply to your email rather than you being set up as a "no reply" blogger. make sense?
    cheers Fiona

  4. Selling nearly everything was an amazing start!