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Monday, 13 June 2011

A slow day and cupcakes

 Saturday was the second market day in our series of eight summer markets to help rejuvenate a local area.

The sign was up, the sun came out and we all looking forward to a good day. At the start, footfall was a bit slow to be honest and it didn't get much better! The first market was such a success I think our expectations were inevitably too high, and by the afternoon everyone was looking at each other and shrugging.

The morning rush

 Still, the weather was very pleasant and on a personal note, I did get a lot of very positive reaction from the shoppers, sold the 'Beachy' drawers, which attracted a lot of attention ('till the buyer took them away, I told him he could leave them until later if he wanted!) and sold a tall table in my favourite colour of the moment 'gravel', honestly, it's a lovely colour.
So, can't complain really and I must say it was very enjoyable again and very interesting what people are attracted to, colours, finishes and so on..

The sold table at the back, not great photos I'm afraid.

One stallholder who did sell out was our friend Rosie, who makes cupcakes, I made a sign for her and it was surely this that boosted her sales!
Of course I asked for no monetary   
reimbursement for the sign but guess what? ......I was happy to accept a gift of a selection of delicious cupcakes as a gesture of her appreciation!

I look forward to the next market and continue to enjoy the experience......and the cupcakes.........

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  1. Looks like you have some cute pieces!

    Good luck with your markets, I'm sure it'll pick up again :)