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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mixed feelings! (shaken, not stirred)

Last weekend, after having it around a while the lovely 60s cocktail cabinet was put on eBay.

It was the third project I did and I enjoyed very much the transformation. We spotted it at an auction viewing one week but left it thinking it would be out of our price range and were surprised to find it there at the next viewing. So we left a cheeky bid with the auctioneer and thought no more of it.

Our cheekiness was indeed rewarded and it subsequently became ours. Once it was home it's charm only increased and I knew how I wanted it to look (if not the exact details). Once it was finished, time went on and we never got around to listing it, the Summer Market stall oppotunity came along but it was too big, and a bit delicate I suppose, to lug up there and back if it didn't sell and we had got used to having it around. More and more random  pieces of furniture were appearing in the house and as space is at a premium  it really had to go and go it did on Sunday. The buyer arranged to pick it up today so a quick dust was in order. I'm pleased to say he was a really nice guy who was thoroughly pleased with his new acquisition and said it was perfect for his new house. So everyone was happy, I'm very pleased it sold and I'm glad it went to a good home...but....I was sad to see it go...funny isn't it?


  1. it was very cute... i have that problem to i fall in love with the pieces and dont want to sell them.

  2. I know what you mean about being sad seeing piece go! It's like watching your child go off to college, haha!! Just kidding. Glad it went to a good home :)