Smithy's Painted Furniture

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cabinet finished! martini anyone?

Here is the finished 60s cabinet, with turquoise and black colour scheme, just right for that drinks party in your retro home!

So this was painted in primer, matt emulsion then many coats of (thinned) water based satin varnish. I repaired and re-painted the wavy back board and used spray black satin on the legs. The inside was in pretty good condition so I touched up the worst scratches and waxed like a madman.
It scrubbed up pretty well I think, now where did I put that cocktail shaker...........


  1. That turned out great! Very retro, very chic. I bet you're happy it's finished :)


  2. Looks great - so retro. Bit like my cowhide cupboard but more refined. well done. you keeping it or selling it?
    cheers Fiona

  3. Hi, thanks for your comments, hoping to sell it, but it's growing on me! Pete

  4. Hi!!
    Just found your blog! I am already blown away by this transformation! EXCELLENT!