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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things I have Learnt...........

There are a few thing I have learnt over the last month or so, firstly, when it comes to used furniture nothing can be taken for granted! This can be good or bad, I now know that it pays to look thoroughly at a piece before buying, a nice piece that turns out to be part MDF, extra inhabitants included that you didn't notice, things sometimes look smaller when you get them home, or bigger! A beautifully made piece of furniture picked up for a song, (almost) too nice to paint, look beyond the skin to see the beauty. Auctions are good fun and frustrating, it's amazing what people don't want and amazing what some people will buy.
All these things and more have added to the enjoyment of my new "hobby".
I have also found out it is easy to spend almost as long thinking about painting  something as actually doing it! 
Paint will take ages to dry when you want it to dry fast and will dry as soon as it hits the wood when you want it to stay wet. Wax is remarkable.
 I have discovered as well, that photographing furniture is by no means easy. if you photograph it on its own it can look lost and neglected, or you can cover it in stuff 'till you can hardly see it, what looks good to the eye can look 'different' on the screen. Daylight is good, bright sunlight is bad, this and that effect the colour, flash is limiting, that's not straight, that's too high, that's too low, too far away, too close, too blurred, too light, too dark, perfect!
Another thing that has become obvious is my wife and family's patience now that I have turned our house in to a furniture warehouse, it is addictive isn't it?
Of course I have learned what a fantastic amount of talented people and inspiration there is here in Blogland, how kind people are with their comments and free with there advice and encouragement, thank you.
I have learnt all this and more while pursuing a simple interest that started with....."just get on and do it", it can be done, I should have done it sooner!


  1. Pete - this is all so true! I couldnt have written it better myself. Glad you're having fun with it all. I'm still loving it although having the stall in the antiques centre puts more pressure on me but i still find it all fascinating.
    cheers Fiona

  2. So true! I enjoyed reading that post and chuckling to myself, all of it was said perfectly!! It is funny all the little things you learn along the way, and it is ADDICTING ~ I feel bad for my hubby, I've taken over our garage!

    Have a wonderful day